Här finns låttexter till vissa låtar; de som ligger på Spotify i första hand, enstaka andra.

Walkin' the Toad

I came into this life
and thought that all was well
Everyone was feeling fine
as far as I could tell
But now I know that just livin' life
will slowly gnaw you down
All the rest will tell your-poor-self to shove it!
Piss off! Scram! Just leave this town!


Walkin' the toad
Livin' the load
Diggin' the mound
Soundin' the ground
Pie in the sky
Live till you die
Dig it! Dig it!
Broodin' and groovin'

Sea and earth and air and fire
overflowing colour mire
To hell with all that dare to tear
my rockin' & rollin' with my babybear
To hell with sinkin' down the drain
like a cryin' child in the drizzlin' rain
To all who doubt, I shout with might:
If I loose my grip - I will take flight!