No Water = No Life

No water, no life
Make no mistake about it
No water, no life
There’s no doubt about it
Strangling drought’s cruel death
Where there’s no water there’s no life
No water, no life

Take me to the river
Floating upstream
Soulsensing, shivering
Dreaming its dream
In everly peace
In drifting slow motion
Coralwavely sinking
Drown me in the ocean

Loosing our grip
Life on earth at stake
Wishing and swimming
Diving the lake
Save our souls
Trembling at the quay
Finally returning
To our home in the sea

Come on, let’s go down
To the rippling creek
In its silvery waters
Baptizing our feet
Dewing dried lips
In the cool clear rain
Quenching our thirst
Dissolving all the pain

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